WordWhat!? is an iPhone game that challenges uses to spell words by dropping letter into a grid. Words can be spelled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Points are scored for each word spelled and the bubbles containing the words pop and, like Tetris, the above letters fall down potentially spelling new words.

WordWhat!? can be found on the iTunes store here.

WordWhat!? started a few years back (2011) as a senior ubiquitous programming project. At the time we had five developers and two designers on the team. WordWhat!? was one of the top senior project for that year and was even featured on the UH NSM website.

After graduating college, three of use decided to continue working on WordWhat!? with the goal of publishing it to the iTunes store. For starters we re-factored and rewrote the entire app, created all new graphics with an all new theme, added a lot of new features and scrapped some old ones. There result was a new WordWhat!? that was nothing like the previous one. This one is a lot better.

This June we published WordWhat!? to the app store under the DBA CodeRed. Thanks to my partners Sally Ransom (Developer) and Michael Edwards (Designer) for all your hard work on this.

WordWhat!? still has a lot of bugs and the play-ability is not to the caliber we would like, but we are still making improvements. If you find bugs you can file & track them here.

As with any project most important take away is what you learned. The WordWhat!? development process has taught me a lot: iOS development, Cocos2D, not to use an outdated Cocos2D, and the list does on. For me the most important take away from WordWhat!? is how to manage, develop, and maintain an extracurricular project outside or work. Working for four more hours after already working eight is never easy. The key is to find the right motivation that keeps you interested in the project and keeps you wanting to move forward. Not having an iPhone and not having the ability to play WordWhat!? apart from my test device and simulator makes it especially hard for me. Regardless after a long and difficult road (mostly self imposed difficulty) WordWhat!? is published. For the foreseeable future will will continue to update and maintain WordWhat!?. For the long road we will have to wait and see.